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All things equal, what sets a business apart in a client’s eyes? Branding. You can have the best product, SEO and marketing, but still lose out to the competitor. Don’t Let that happen to you! Uniform and professional graphic design is the foundation on which SEO and Marketing are laid on. Make sure you get the best graphic design in Jackson, MS. 

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In order to make sure you get the best I partner with the best. I work with Paragon Flow – a leading graphic design and creative firm – to make sure my clients’ branding in Jackson is a step above their competitors. Like this website? Click to the right to see more of their fantastic work. Or keep scrolling to learn more. 

We do everything graphic design.

Graphic design isn’t just a logo. It’s a language, a form of art. We excel at every aspect of branding to make your business stand out in the sea of bland graphic design in Jackson.


Your unique style starts with your logo. It defines your business’ look, feel and beliefs. It unifies your branding – your logo will be the cornerstone of your message. Let us work with you to create something that screams YOU!


A good logo and website is nothing without a style guide. Without consistent fonts, colors, and design that remains standard across all of your media, your brand looks amateur. We’ll create a style for your business that is easy to follow and pleasing to the eye. 


Not all marketing is online. You still need business cards, mailers, stationary and more. Marketing extends beyond the digital. Let the experts design a brand identity that extends to all of your business activities. 


All of the marketing, SEO and social media in the world relies on having a fantastic website as a foundation. None of that matters if your website isn’t engaging, professional and snappy fast. Paragon flow builds websites designed to scale with you and run maintainence free. 


The majority of emails sent by businesses get ignored. Gone are the days of typing out a message and hoping it reaches its audience. We’ll help you avoid that with masterfully crafted email campaigns and eye catching email designs that get read. 


Social media is a gift to businesses in the internet age, but coming up with engaging content can be very difficult. We can help you by creating content that captures attention and draws in traffic. We’ll also design a social media presence that stands out. 

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Branding and Graphic Design FAQ


Today, research suggests that around 50% of consumers would consider themselves loyal to a brand after their very first purchase. Branding gives your business credibility and it communicates your corporate identity with your customers.

Many people underestimate the true scope and importance of branding. To understand the function that branding plays in an organization, we must first understand that ‘good products are always more than just products’. Although this might sound like nonsense, think about it for a moment. Successful brands sell you more than just their products, they sell you an idea, a feeling, or maybe even a lifestyle. Consider some of the most expensive designer clothing lines, they can sell t-shirts at $ 200 to their customers when there’s plenty of other lines that sell t-shirts of similar quality for just $ 20. The reason they can do this is that their customers aren’t just buying a t-shirt—they’re buying into the feeling of luxury associated with their brands. This is called brand value and you can use it to leverage your business by developing a flawless branding strategy. Often it doesn’t require rebranding your business entirely. Rather you should find an expert brand strategist to help you develop your brand image further and inform yourself of some of the most crucial elements in the world of branding.

The two biggest hurdles small businesses must overcome is getting the recognition they deserve and growing a consistent customer base. Effective branding expertly tailored to your business’s identity will provide you with the backbones your company needs to grow. Sometimes people get confused with the difference between branding, marketing, and advertisement. You should think about marketing as the way you see your business—because it’s concerned with strategies that communicate the self-image you think best represents your business to your customers. Advertisement on the other hand explicitly describes the actions your business takes and the products you provide to your customers. Finally, branding is how other people see you and although you have significant influence over what your brand image is, ultimately it comes down to the perception of your customers to truly decide what they see in your brand.


You can think of your brand as the ‘face’ of a business, it communicates exactly who you are and what you represent. One of the most basic—but equally necessary—elements of branding is your business’s logo.

A good logo leaves a powerful and memorable impression on your customers and it increases the likelihood that those customers will remain loyal to your brand. A small company’s logo can easily be on par with some of the most well developed and successful brands out there. A great idea is to commission a graphic designer that’s experienced with branding solutions. Every element in your branding strategy should serve to build recognition of your business to ensure that your customer base expands and the return yield of your customers is steady.

In addition to providing a memorable and recognizable reference for your customers, your brand will also develop credibility and trust. Potential customers make a subconscious judgment on the worthiness of your business within the first 90 seconds of interacting with your brand. Unprofessional branding will set off alarm bells in the customer’s mind and turn them off your products in a heartbeat. Conversely, an authentic, aesthetically pleasing, and professional brand image will draw customers in and make them feel comfortable because they have developed trust in your business. In the long run, this leads to your business becoming more reputable which ultimately results in greater levels of customer loyalty.

In addition to building recognition and credibility, branding also increases the value of your business. As I mentioned before, the value of your products increases when you can offer your customers ‘more than just a product’. People often overlook the fact that a strong branding strategy guarantees your business a more prosperous future, thus increasing the value of your company. In fact, consistent branding strategies increase revenue by 23% on average. Additionally, branding will give your employees a clearly defined direction to work towards—in providing an ultimate rigorous goal, your employees will be more comfortable with autonomy and be more confident in their work. Employees that are working together towards common goals will work harder and more effectively because their work will become more purposeful. This is one of the reasons why companies that rank as having the best workplaces also happen to have the best branding strategies.


Paragon Flow Brand Management is a leading branding and creative firm. They have worked with everyone from local small businesses to international multi-billion dollar corporations such as Tencent. Whether your business is local or global, Paragon Flow strives to make every project better than their last. Anything less is unacceptable. Paragon Flow focuses on everything branding. From graphic design to web design to marketing, Paragon Flow does it all. 

Paragon Flow has humble roots. They got their start when their founder started building websites in his summer vacation after freshman year of college. Since then,  by being the best at what they do, they have grown to an international design firm leading their industry segment. 

Their focus is helping small businesses and startups tackle the hard work of designing an identity, both online and offline. But they regularly do work of all scales. Including design and marketing for one of the largest video game tournaments to date. 

I trust Paragon Flow to get the job done right, and optimized for SEO. I trust them so much that they built this website that you are on right now!



I want to make sure my clients get the best possible results for their business. That is why I focus on SEO and Marketing so I can be the best at my area. However often to get the job done, it requires the services that Paragon Flow provides. So instead of being a jack of all trades, I work with Paragon Flow to make sure that you get the best possible experience. 

Paragon Flow has proven themselves to be great at what they do, with over 100 happy clients under their belt. I know Paragon Flow can get the job done right – so much so that I hired their services to build out my own site. If you like what you see or are interested in their services, I suggest you check them out at or ask about their services when you reach out to me! 

Our services come together in one simple package built for your convenience. Say goodbye to dealing with multiple businesses and making them work together. We work together seamlessly and make sure you get the best experience.